AzzyAI Old News

Current news


Website revamp. More to come in the near future; do not be alarmed by changes in website structure. Also corrected the twitter link to send users to my twitter feed instead of some random one full of spam.


AzzyAI 1.50 Dev 17 released, fixes Silent Breeze use and several other issues, particularly relating to Eira. Release candidate!


AzzyAI 1.50 Dev 16 released, fixes two critical issues in dev 16. Release candidate!


AzzyAI 1.50 Dev 15 released, lots of assorted fixes, and improved Eleanor support. Release candidate!



AzzyAI 1.50 Dev 14 released, adds support to auto-painkiller other players. twRO lagfix released. Get them from the downloads page!


AzzyAI 1.50 Dev 13 released, fixes crash at line 3135 possible in dev 12.


AzzyAI 1.50 Dev 12 released. Updated GUI configuration tool to fix a few issues, improved robustness if the data folder is missing or unwritable (see, lua can't natively create folders, only files), added a multi-account autofriend feature. Also, AAIStart now logs more useful data, and some housekeeping has been done.


AzzyAI 1.50 Dev 11 released. Added Pengineer support, and fixed issue with AoE targeting


AzzyAI 1.50 Dev 10 released. This adds some major obstacle avoidance changes - please make sure chasing is working correctly. This also fixes a nasty issue with Caprice level 5 not being used.


AzzyAI 1.50 Dev 9 released. This adds a number of GUI improvements and bugfixes. Also includes support for GM mercenaries, and a slew of bugfixes, mostly relating to IdleWalk and the closely related Route Walk feature. Please be aware that configuration options have been renamed, and old configuration files are not compatible with this release.


AzzyAI 1.50 Dev 8 released. Adds compatibility with fRO and other national RO's which use LUA 5.1 instead of 5.0.2


AzzyAI 1.50 Dev 7 released. Documentation updated. Issue with corrupted config files causing dropped target issue fixed. Mental Charge now supported as lif offensive buff. Urgent Escape now considered a defensive buff.


AzzyAI 1.50 Dev 6 released. Fixes issue with adding tactics via GUI, issue with defensive buff use, and several issues with Painkiller/Provoke use. Also fixes issue with incorrectly dropped targets. The documentation HAS NOT been updated to reflect changes since Dev 5


AzzyAI 1.50 Dev 5 released. This fixes several serious bugs in Dev 4 - as well as bringing AN UPDATED GUI! It should be a lot more usable now. Keep your eyes on the new GUI, and make sure it doesn't do anything incorrectly. My record with GUI coding is less than stellar. A few options have been renamed. The documentation HAS NOT been updated to reflect this.


AzzyAI 1.50 Dev 4 released. This adds support for Call Legion, an improvement to clever chase. Oh, and PVPMode now works to enable basic PVP functionality. Please test and let me know how it works!


AzzyAI 1.50 Dev 3 released. This contains a fix for the Painkiller bug, working SP-conserving Cleverchase, support for using Painkiller only when owner is mobbed, and fix for dance attack errors. Also this adds some options for autocasting Bayeri's skill Stein Wand. This has not been tested; See changelog for info. This also contains a fix for problems with Tanking and Ignoring monsters


AzzyAI 1.50 Dev 2 released


AzzyAI 1.50 alpha testing begins! See thread on WP Forums for more info and to report problems.


AzzyAI 1.41 released to fix a critical problem with mercenary AoE skills


The long awaited final release of AzzyAI 1.40 is finally here! Thanks to everyone who helped testing the development versions! Don't worry, 1.50 Dev 1 is just around the corner ;-) I think this version should meet the needs of most users, and be free from any serious bugs. I hope you all enjoy it.


AzzyAI 1.40 dev 23 released. Issues with the two new features added in dev 22 were fixed, and an issue with buff skills and skill delays was fixed.


AzzyAI 1.40 dev 22 released. Several serious issues with skill handling were revealed by recent testing. These have been fixed.


New website launched. AzzyAI 1.40 Dev 20 (likely the final release version of 1.40) released. This adds only a few minor fixes, including a correction for the delay of Sonic Claw, which the GMs changed via a ninja-update, and some tweaks to the behavior of anti-mob skill targeting.